New Betting Sites

If you are on the prowl for new betting sites, then you're on the right page as we're going to tell you everything that you need to know about them right here. This means telling you why you should (mostly) be playing at new betting sites, as well as some of the things you need to be aware of to ensure that wherever you are playing is a legit betting site that is going to be providing you with a ton of fun.

Why New Betting Sites?

A lot of people wonder why you should be gambling at new betting sites when there are so many established sites out there already. Our answer? Well, it is the fact that these newer betting sites have a lot to prove. This means that (generally speaking), they are going to be offering a far, far better-playing experience in the hope of pulling in some players.

Not only this but since new betting sites seem to have less ‘marketing’, they need other ways in which to pull in new players. This means that, more often than not, you are going to be overwhelmed by some awesome bonuses offered by these newer sites. These are bonuses that you would struggle to find with existing sites who don’t really need to do much to pull people in.

Ask yourself: Is the Online Betting Site Licensed?

When you are searching for new betting sites, one of the first things you will need to ask yourself is whether the site is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or not. If they are not licensed, then you need to avoid them. It means that you will have absolutely no protection if things end up going a little bit haywire. If a site is licensed, then it is completely fine to play there. You aren’t going to get scammed. In fact, with a licence from the UKGC, a new betting site is just as safe as one of the most established juggernauts.

Sports Betting Options

When you are looking for new betting sites, you will often find that a lot of them have yet to establish a niche. This means that they will have a ton of events listed. In fact, you will often find more events ‘front and centre’ than with any of the established websites (they already know who they cater for)

Obviously, when you are betting, you probably already have a rough idea about the type of event that you will want to be betting on. However, it is always wise to choose a site which has a plethora of events that you can sink your teeth into. This way, if you want something a bit more unique, you are going to have that option available to you.
We love sites which have a wealth of options available for those lower leagues. It is a much more enjoyable experience like that.

Betting Odds

It is impossible for a site to always offer the best possible odds when it comes to betting. The site should be able to get them right most of the time, though. When searching for new sites to play at, you may want to compare the odds of various events to see which site is going to cater to your needs a little bit better.

Live Betting

In this day and age, we wouldn’t recommend a site which does not have at least a small amount of live betting available. It doesn’t need to be a crazy amount, but some major events wouldn’t go amiss. You will be surprised at just how fun it is to bet whilst a game is ‘in-play’.

Mobile Betting

This is probably something that you are already aware of, but if you are planning to gamble somewhere specific, then you will want to ensure that their site is accessible on your mobile device i.e. it is going to be easy to play the games that you want to play on your device. It will result in a far more enjoyable playing experience for you. It means you do not need to be sat in front of a computer while you are watching the event that you are betting on.

Betting Bonuses

As we said; new betting sites tend to offer the best betting bonuses. While we wouldn’t advocate that you choose a site purely on the betting bonuses available, we understand a lot of people will want to factor them into the equation, particularly when they are trying to separate two sites which are quite similar.

The UK's Best New Betting Sites Tried & Tested 

If you don’t fancy looking for the best new betting sites on your own, then take a gander at the sites below. We are sure that at least a few of them will tickle your fancy.